Points of Pride

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We have SO many things for which we are proud here at BCE but these are just a few: 

  • Highly active/involved parent volunteer community
  • Teachers, Staff and Administrators who treat kids as individuals
  • Strong parent/school partnership and communication
  • Positive reinforcement for student feedback
  • Traditions of learning in each grade level
  • Energy Bus certified school
  • Watchdog Dads Program

              6th - Outdoor Ed/Camp Cheley , Individualized Area of Passion                      project, Decade
              5th - Grandparent biography project/brunch
              4th - Colorado Points of Interest
              3rd - Coffee Shop Poetry/ Economics Market Unit
              2nd - Weather Unit / Living Biographies
              1st -   Biology unit - egg hatching, animal research projects / American Symbol project
               K -   Community Modeling Unit

Points of Pride from Students:

*Teachers and staff work together well and give us opportunities that allow us to work on what we need/want to work on, meet us at our level of work (BOOST groups, passion projects, etc.)

*BCE impacts behavior outside of school; we think about the lessons in everyday life, collaboration skills work in life outside of school

*Teachers- help us work at our own pace, listen and help us through tough times

*No Bullying Issues- "When talking with friends at other schools, I hear about bullying issues all the time.  BCE doesn't have those problems."

*Students are open to making new friends and meeting kids at the "Buddy Bench"- Every grade seems happy all the time

*We can be confident in front of our peers- Like presentations, sharing ideas with others, etc.

*Leadership Roles for 6th Graders- Field Day and running all the games for younger grades

*Camp Cheley- interactive learning experience, get closer to classmates and interact with new classmates  and develop relationships

*Specials/Clubs- different opportunities that meet the needs of all different kids

Points of Pride From Staff:


*Teachers are supported and encouraged to educate our students with new and innovative methods and means to access the curriculum.

*Risk Free Environment for both staff and students

*Bear Canyon is a place of collaboration and inclusion; problems are viewed as opportunities and we shift our attention on the solution and learn from the opportunity.  

*We’re a team, we support and celebrate one another.  

*Our Student Leadership Team is focused on communities/causes that need support and our help.

*Amazing  children who come through our doors every morning

*Intentional emphasis on personalized education, high rigor, and student ownership in learning which cultivates high engagement and joy for all students.

*Wonderful and highly supportive parent community


Points of Pride From Parents:

*Bear Canyon communicates effectively and I know where to find information regarding the school

*Bear Canyon has a supportive and welcoming community

*Amazing teachers and staff

*The staff at BCE make themselves readily available to answer any and all questions promptly.

*My child feels safe at school

*BCE cares about each child and their education. The staff puts in 110% all the time, and it shows in our children. BCE does excellent work

*BCE is an awesome school because everyone there loves and cares for kiddos