Volunteer - helping children

There are many ways that you can be involved. Volunteering is an integral piece of the success here at Bear Canyon. We value and appreciate your support!

How to Sign Up

The easiest and best way to sign up as a volunteer here at BCE, is through online Express Check In. When you register your child for the new school year, be sure to complete the Volunteer form on Express Check In. As a parent/guardian, you simply complete the online form during registration for the current year.

(**NOTE: There are links to complete additional forms for the parent/guardian on this page).

Volunteer Documents

Parent Volunteer Form

This is the document that parents/step-parents or guardians must complete each year to volunteer within the school building. This statement is available electronically through Express Check In.

Community Volunteer

For all other volunteers (grandparents, neighbors, etc.), this application must be completed each year in order to volunteer within the building.

Completion of this form requires a copy of your current driver's license and authorizes a complete background check.

District Volunteer Handbook

What to Expect ...


Giggles and squeals and lots of high energy! Fun and sweetness and maybe the occasional trickster too! Volunteering is a very rewarding way to give both to others and yourself.

What We Ask of You..

  • Maintain a professional attitude of mutual respect and confidence
  • Be punctual and reliable
  • In case of absence, notify the school via email or phone (303)387-6475.
  • Sign in and out using the clipboard at the front office desk
  • Wear the school name tag at all times (Name tags are made on the photo day at the start of school. If you missed the day please contact the school. If you do not have a name tag, you must present a Photo ID.)
  • Practice the professional ethic of confidentiality
  • Become familiar with school and classroom policies and practices
  • Be willing to adjust to each teacher's individual style and follow his/her directions
  • Set a good example in appearance and behavior for students

Remember to sign in, have proper identification, and practice confidentiality to protect teachers' and students' right to privacy.

Thank you!