About Bear Canyon

We are a public elementary school offering Kindergarten through 6th grade as well as Preschool, and a Before and After School Program (BASE).  We are extremely proud of our involved and caring community who supports all of our learners. We offer a rich and rigorous academic curriculum across all grade levels that includes student involvement in personalizing their learning as well as differentiation in the classrooms to create challenging academic learning experiences.

Bear Canyon sets it's sights on "Unlocking the Potential" for all of our children! We offer strong, differentiated academics utilizing cutting edge technology and updated curriculum. We offer varied electives exposing students to the arts, music, physical education, technology, health, library, research and more. We value each child as an individual and create a community of caring that provides a positive learning environment for all children. We believe in collaboration, restorative practices when disciplining and community involvement. Parents, administrators, staff and teachers comprise the team that makes learning happen here!

Bear Canyon Mission statement: Believing that each child is individual and of great worth, we challenge students with a variety of experiences that will instill a love of learning, the ability to problem solve, and a healthy respect for themselves, others and the environment while inspiring  them to unlock their potential. 

Offerings at  Bear Canyon: 

  • Engaging and differentiated learning opportunities focusing on individuality and personalized learning.
  • Gifted learning in the classroom.
  • Envision Math
  • Active and Involved PTA - (Parent Teacher Association) and SAC (School Accountability Committee)
  • Research Based Curriculum
  • Dedicated Personalized Learning Professional responsible for Gifted Learning and Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) management, READ plan management and professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • Experienced Special Education Staff serving our special needs population
  • Interactive boards and audio amplification
  • Technology / Computer availability and integration
    K-1st - iPads
    2nd - 5th -1/1 Chromebooks
    6th - 

Creating a culture of character through BEARS:
    B - being in control of my behavior shows I am trustworthy
    E - every day, be here on time and ready to learn
    A - always show care and concern for others
    R - responsible students make a positive difference
    S - striving to do my best helps me grow

We are a Certified Energy Bus School! We are an Energy Bus certified school and practice Energy Bus life skills and principles! Click HERE for an overview of the book.