Welcome to Bear Canyon!  


My name is Kelly Ursetta and I have the privilege to serve as the principal of our school.  I am blessed to work with such a supportive community that partners alongside us to ensure our students are academically successful and feel part of an extended family.  We have an outstanding and amazingly dedicated staff who always put students first. 

This is my seventh year as the leader at Bear Canyon, and eleventh year as a building principal.  I have been in a leadership position working in the Douglas County School District for 12 years.  Prior to becoming a principal, I was a teacher for ten years and have spent my entire 22-year educational journey right here in our district. 

My education philosophy includes fostering a caring and nurturing environment where all students can learn, grow, and succeed. I believe it is our responsibility as partners in education to ensure all students reach their maximum potential socially, emotionally and academically.  We do this at Bear Canyon by building strong, positive relationships within our school that incorporate students, parents and our community. With those relationships established, we are able to challenge our students with the high academic rigor they are craving and provide the support that they need to soak up learning.  We encourage our students to enjoy their learning experience and invite them to be actively engaged through making their own choices that ensure they have ownership of their personalized goals. Another common strategy for students is to participate with hands-on, real-world experiences to enhance their learning opportunities.

In addition, I believe that personal wellness which includes social emotional health and self-regulation skills are becoming essential life skills as we have entered the world of ever changing technology and all that it brings. I believe we have an obligation to support our students in developing lifelong essential skills--both academic and personal character-- that stretch beyond the classroom to ensure happiness and success.  

If you would like to speak with me about your child, our school, our programming, or other issues related to Bear Canyon, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can be reached via email, phone, or just drop by the school.  I have an open door policy and am always happy to have face-to-face conversations.  

Kelly Ursetta
Proud Principal/Bear Canyon Elementary 
[email protected]